Current Courses

Advanced Bioengineering Methods Laboratories (ABML)

Advanced Bioengineering Methods Laboratories (ABML) is part of the bioengineering master teaching courses and offers laboratory practice and classroom data analysis.

These active sessions present a variety of techniques employed in the bioengineering field and matching a quantitative and technological based approach. They promote the microtechnology role in life science community, mimic a real research project and focus on a couple of aspects such as integrating engineering approach, compiling proper lab notebook, respecting safe behavior as well as writing scientific report.

More information can be found here:  ABML Course Website 

EPFL Grating

Structural mechanics: ME-231(b)

This course aims to provide a concise understanding of how materials and structures react to loads. It covers the basics of stress and strain in multi dimensions, deformation and failure criteria. The course covers 3D structural mechanics ranging from simple beam bending to 3D Hookes law. Moreover, the course is tailored to students from the life sciences (SV).

You can enroll in the course over moodle:   Structural mechanics (SV)